I am a full-stack developer and code teacher based in London. I like to wear as many hats as possible; slipping into whatever role is required to build great stuff for the web.

lawrence [at] gosseti.com

I currently work at SuperHi, where we are making learning to code easier. At SuperHi, I take lead on creating and recording the course materials, which to date have taught around 1,000 people how to code.

Teaching in-person front end development at SuperHi

The courses I’ve put together at SuperHi are: Foundation HTML, CSS + Javascript, WordPress, Advanced CSS + Javascript and React.js.

Alongside the teaching, I also work on our web applications, writing lots of JavaScript in Ember (and occasionally some Elixir too).

Previously I was a front end engineer at Onfido, where I also wrote lots of JavaScript (including React, Ember and Node), CSS and a bit of Ruby (on Rails).

I’m particularly interested in building applications functionally using JavaScript and the real-time web. Using things like Elixir, React and Redux.